October 23rd, 2013

Doctor Who - nightmares static

Three things of varying degrees of importance.

  1. It's exactly a month until the actual 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Permission to be excited, please? Mind you, I'm a bit narked there's no been no announcement subsequent to the initial one of which guests will be attending, and what will be happening at, the big 50th do at Excel over the anniversary weekend. Not that it makes much difference (I'm going anyway, after all, on the Saturday should any LJ/Twitter/Facebook peeps be going and wish to do meety-up things), but it'd be nice to know, y'know?

  2. On which note - last Friday (18th October) was the 50th anniversary of the recording of the first episode - the actual transmitted one, not the version which was, until the early '90s, the untransmitted pilot.

  3. Over on Gallifrey Base, there is, as is usually the case, a lengthy discussion about the possibility of missing episodes being discovered - a discussion which is if anything even more fevered than usual following the discovery of most of Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear in Nigeria. Someone asked if ITV ever sold programmes abroad, and having been assured that they do, someone commented, "Come on Ghana, you can't hold onto Lennie Bennett's Punchlines indefinitely you know." This amused me possibly more than it should have done... ^_^
Doctor Who - nightmares static

Fannish glee

So, just got the DVD of The Tenth Planet. Watched the interview with William Hartnell. Erm. Calls into question how much of the doddery old man/misremembering his lines was for real and how much of it was an act, as he comes across as very astute and on the ball, but...man, he was a bit of a cantankerous old so-and-so, wasn't he? Moral: never meet your heroes, and watching recently discovered decades-old interviews with them can be a bit of a duff move too...

So I'm cheering myself up watching the Anneke Wills interview. And okay, it was ten years ago, but she hasn't lost her cheer and her enthusiasm and her basically being a wonderful person, has she? :-)