October 26th, 2013

Doctor Who - Fantastic

Achievement unlocked

So, Sarah has been assembling a PC for some friends of ours, and it reached a point where it was urgently needed, so after exploring all the possibilities, and receiving some rather high quotations from couriers, we decided that I'd drive up and deliver it in person. On the negative side, I reckon the cost of the fuel to get here and the hotel I'm staying in (it is cheap, and very very smart too, but...) is more than the couriers would have cost. On the positive side, I'm spending the weekend visiting some good friends including going gaming in Glasgow later, so yay!

But the real point is that I've kind of inadvertantly managed to tick an item off my bucket list. The clue is there in the "gaming in Glasgow" bit. For the first time in my life, I've, as an accidental side-effect admittedly, visited Scotland. So yay!!!

Admittedly, we were going to be here next year for Eastercon anyway. And also, the weather forecast for Monday - when I'm driving home - is looking none too optimistic... And let's draw a discreet veil over the appalling drive I had on the way up (chunks of the M6 were pretty much solid). But, hey...



...despite not actually mentioning it, the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, will force all Americans to have an RFID chip implanted in them. And despite the ACA only having any relevance to the USA, this is clearly the worldwide phenomenon known as "The Mark of the Beast".

Right. In other news, I have a bridge I can sell you...

H2G2 - Marvin - depressed

The good, the bad, and the clocks

The clocks go back tomight.

The good news: an extra hour in bed

The bad news: it starts getting darker earlier. And to be honest, it's been getting dark surprisingly early anyway. I'm never sure if I actually have/suffer from SAD, but going from the office to the car when it's dark cam be a most horribly depressing experience, even if I'm otherwise in a fairly positive state of mind...