November 4th, 2013

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Diary - 20131104

Woke up feeling utterly bleurgh. Went back to sleep again. Didn’t really stir properly until about 10:00am, except to text John and ask for it as an additional day of annual leave – which, to be honest, is possibly a tad of a mistake, as I’ve now got only 5½ hours left until the end of January (I could be misreading; he could mean 5½ days. But I doubt it). That’s going to have an effect on going up to Novacon – I’ll really have to work that day, and then travel up from work, rather than the original plan of taking the day off and travelling up from home. On the bright side, it’s only about a 1½ hour journey (or so says the AA route planner). At a pinch I might be able to get away with leaving work at 6:00pm, although I think ideally I’d like to leave at 5:00pm or even 4:00pm to allow time for traffic being a bitch and also a food stop.

Sarah had gone on her errand for the day, taking her aunt Alice to the hospital for some blood tests. Feeling a bit helpless about the situation (Sarah and her mum both suspect some form of cancer), I asked for general prayer support from the good folks of Facebook, and received a positive response, which helped calm my nerves a bit.

I decided to spend a bit of time clearing the Macbook – burning DVD-Rs left right and centre, deleting unwanted stuff (including most of the make-up files for the Dysprosium video), converting video files, downloading and/or torrenting the odd one or two, vaguely taking stock of which series are missing episodes thanks to either Sky+ being a bit weird lately (series links not working, “No programme listings available” when looking for stuff more than two or so days in advance), or me forgetting to iPlayer them, or both...things are now looking quite organized. Well, vaguely. Also, rather pleasantly (depending on your point of view) I discovered that the reason I couldn’t find a HIGMoreNFY on the iPlayer last week was that, actually, there wasn’t one. Well, that explains that, then…

About 2:00pm, though, the bleurgh-ness hit a peak – I’d basically been fighting off a bit of a headache all day, not helped by a.) the late night last night and b.) dehydration, but it started to get really really bad and also I was starting to feel sick. So I decided to actually take a couple of Anadin and go back to bed.

I was woken up at about 5:00pm by Sarah getting back (as well as picking Alice up, taking her home, and then dropping her off afterwards, she also did a Tesco run for me, so I’m suitably stocked up for the next few days). Basically, there is no official word on what’s wrong with Alice, and won’t be for a couple of weeks until she goes back to get the actual results from the doctor. What we do know is that apparently the word “Myeloma” was written on some form or other, and this (looking it up on Wikipedia) would seem to support Sarah and Rita’s theory that she may be suffering from some form of cancer – possibly, comparing Alice’s condition to what Sarah’s dad was like in his last few weeks, at a quite an advanced stage. Also, her memory is not what it could be – she thought she was going to the hospital to get the dressing removed from the accident she had a couple of weeks back, and just generally has problems remembering stuff, although apparently this has been the case for quite some time, as in before Sarah and I met. And then when the doctor had had a chat with her, she said she didn’t understand what had been said. Sarah has left notes in large friendly letters about the results appointment that’s due on the 19th, but says she thinks it’s unlikely that Alice will remember what it’s about.

Sarah was absolutely exhausted by this stage, and it showed. She spent most of the rest of the evening in bed. I did a bit of running around for her, getting the long extension lead returned to the bedroom so she could have the radiator plugged in and preparing her some food she’d bought for herself in Tesco. She gave her mum a ring to explain what the situation with Alice is, as far as we know it, and I sat with her for that.

I gallantly decided not to try to get a ticket for the ISIHAC recording in Milton Keynes, seeing as it’s on a different date to what I thought – I’d got it into my head it was Tuesday 25th, but a.) that date doesn’t actually exist this month, and b.) it’s actually Friday 29th, which clashes with Sarah’s astronomy group, for which she’s going to need the car.

Almost by some cosmic karma (not that I believe in such things, but...) shortly after making that decision, I received an email from BBC Audiences saying I’d been successful in my request for a ticket for the Susan Calman gig at the Hen and Chickens on Monday 18th. Never been there before, but it’s in Highbury and Islington (or at least, opposite the station of the same name), so I know the general area. It’s a fairly early gig, but on the other hand it’s just a couple of stops out of Euston on the Victoria Line. I think I can get away with working until 4:00pm that day, maybe a bit later at a pinch (admission on site is at 6:30pm, but doors open 7:20pm and the recording starts at 7:30pm...according to Susan herself on Facebook, it's a 50-seater venue, so even if I'm right at the back I should still get a fairly good seat.

By this point, with my headache mostly cleared up, I returned to the lounge and did some more video work on the Macbook, and then at around 8:00pm started cooking some fish burgers for dinner and watching University Challenge and Only Connect. Once they were over, I watched the latest episode of Misfits, and then bunged an episode of Elementary on to play on the Macbook, but got rather distracted by poking around on Facebook and therefore didn’t really really follow it. It was episode 2 of the latest series – I won’t go into detail about it (because I can’t remember most of it!) but I realized shortly after the teaser that I was expecting a fantasy or sci-fi plot resolution. Which isn’t really the right genre for Elementary, but not the first time I’ve made that mistake!!!

I had a slightly later than normal night (in fairness, I’d been asleep for a large chunk of the day), but wasn’t feeling too bad, all things considered.