November 10th, 2013

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...this is a thing.

We* launched the bid for Eastercon 2015 - Dysprosium, as it's being called, because it'll be the 66th Eastercon and Dysprosium is the 66th element on Ye Olde Periodic Table - at Novacon on Friday, and already have 70 pre-supporting membership applications (which, as membership secretary, I'm sorting through now). The bid won't be voted on until next Eastercon (Satellite 4, in Glasgow), by which time we'll have Guests of Honour confirmed, amongst loads of other things. If you've been to an Eastercon before, you'll have a fairly good idea of what to expect; if you haven't, this is a good place to start. If it sounds like your cup of tea, please go along and join as a pre-supporting member.


*That's "we" as in "I'm part of the team, but not an actual committee member".