December 23rd, 2013

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


...for those of my friends who are either a.) Christian, b.) musicians, or c.) both:

Am I alone in having sung the hymn "Christ, whose glory fills the skies" to this tune (link to a pdf)? Because it was one of the hymns we had yesterday - I eventually went with the tune that's in (current Methodist hymn book) Singing the Faith, which also crops up in (previous Methodist hymn book) Hymns and Psalms as well as ye olde favourite New English Hymnal... But I knew I'd at least sung (possibly played, not sure) it to this tune ("England's Lane") before, I just couldn't find it in any of my books - I've just managed to find it online after a wee bit of detective work. (Quite frankly, a website which lists all tunes in 77.77.77 meter is Rather Useful...)

...which then leads to the question of, I wonder in what context I'd be familiar with a tune that isn't in any of my default hymn books? I bashed out England's Lane to the best of my memory for the benefit of one of our other organists/pianists, Andrew, and he said he didn't recognise it... If anybody can potentially shed any light on the matter, I'd be most grateful!</a>