February 12th, 2014

Cabin Pressure - nice hot cup of coffee

Oh, rabbits

I appear to have chosen the lousiest possible time for my visit to the Lake District. Most of the places I'd like to visit are either closed or running reduced hours 'cos of it being the middle of February (at least two re-open next week, which brings our my inner Grumpy Old Man...), I've managed to get a bit of a cold, and it appears to have snowed yesterday. I'm still vaguely hoping to head out to the Lakes Aquarium (because Aquariums are brilliant, he says, channeling his inner Arthur Shappey), and I've put in a booking request for an Eagle experience (which could be marvellous, if rain or snow doesn't prove to be an issue), but apart from that...well, let's be fair, I came here to relax, unwind, do some reading (done loads) and writing (done a bit, but that was up in Glasgow) and vidding (erm. Watched some vids, which almost counts...made a start with the first episode of Borgen last night) and long walks in the country (erm...nope)...really I haven't done anything so far that I couldn't have done in a hotel in Milton Keynes. Or, indeed, back home.

Still, there's three days left here that I might be able to Do Stuff, then back home (and Sarah!!! ♥ ♥ ♥) for the weekend, and then Dublin - and Suzanne Vega - next week.

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


I wish I wasn't having to blow my nose every so often. Although it's better now than it was this morning...

I also wish I wasn't stuck in the middle of nowhere. The nearest Domino's is in Carlisle, and it's collection only. Same for Toby's and Nando's. There's a KFC in Penrith, but in this weather? No thanks. If I want to eat anything, realistically, I shall have to cook it myself. Okay that's the whole point of self-catering anyway, but right now...nope. I could have a bowl of cereal, that doesn't involve much cooking...

Speaking of the weather, I don't particularly like learning that there's a red weather warning effecting the north west of England, 'cos that sounds non-specifically right where I am.

Am pretty determined to leave the cottage tomorrow. If only so I can be somewhere that's got 3G connectivity instead of GPRS. But, I think I'm now in danger of going stor crazy. Weather, and my cold, permitting, I shall hopefully head to Carlisle. Or the Lakes Aquarium.

So that this post isn't all one long whinge, I'll just say: Borgen is brilliant, isn't it? Not, if I'm honest, the sort of genre I'd normally go for (I'm not even sure what genre it is - political Scandi-noir?) - not enough spaceships (which is also still my problem with Elementary), but I'm still finding it gripping and entertaining.

Also, WhoWatch is going well - I've listened to the first couple of episodes of Marco Polo...

Sherlock - I am Sherlocked

Triple lock

Some chat show - and I really don't care which one, as long as it's not Alan Carr - has to get Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Downey Jr & Benedict Cumberbatch on at the same time. As long as it didn't make the universe implode.

(Although, to my friend who suggested Jeremy Brett too, no, I'm talking about "somewhere within the realms of possibility". Although if we're going to stop eliminating the impossible, let's throw Basil Rathbone and Arthur Conan Doyle into the mix too...)