February 19th, 2014

LEGO - Space logo


Just been to see The Lego Movie, and...it was okay. Not as epically awesome as I'd been expecting, but amusing and exciting and a relaxing way of spending 90 minutes. I guess I've just been a bit spoiled by the series of 22-minute LEGO Star Wars mini-movies, which are really something else.

Got me on a bit of a nostalgia kick, though...this (which isn't quite the spaceship they build in the movie, but is fairly near) was one I used to own. (I'm not sure if Lego actually made one that was much bigger, or if I just passionately wanted to make a massively bigger one myself. Probably the latter...).

This and, to a lesser extent this, also ring very loud bells with me.

And then there's this, from back in the day before Minifigures. Bless their chunky hands and non-existent heads. :-)

Actually, I say used to own them - my mum surprised me a while back with the revelation that all my old LEGO is still in storage at her house. I'll have to reclaim it at some point, when we've got room for it. Whenever that turns out to be...