March 2nd, 2014

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Am annoyed

Yesterday evening, I went on a quest to our local Tesco to get some Welsh Cakes. I mean, that wasn't *all* I was going to get, but I'd asked Sarah if she fancied anything and she asked for some so I thought, okay, that'll be nice.

Could I find any? Could I heck. Despite a fairly rigorous scouring of the cake/pastry/bread-related products (sorry if I'm starting to sound like Lister arguing with the Talkie Toaster), I had absolutely no joy. I guess it's possible I was looking in entirely the wrong place (but if so, they keep their Welsh cakes in a very unlikely place that I have yet to discover), but I looked in the wrong place very very thoroughly. As well as looking in the big Tesco, I also, on the way back, checked in the Tesco Express (or "Tiny Tesco", as Sarah and I have taken to calling it) on the Henry Wells estate. No joy there either, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure last year we managed to get some from one of those branches. Couldn't even find a space where the Welsh Cakes should have been if they'd sold out.

I wouldn't mind, but in a couple of weeks time, we're not going to be able to move for Shamrocks and Leprechauns and Guinness, but on St. David's Day, not a single, solitary Welsh Cake.

Sarah's said that she if she's feeling up to it, she might cook some tomorrow evening when she gets home from work. Heck, I could give it a shot (I'm not bad at cakes generally, but I've not done Welsh Cakes before, whereas Sarah did some a year or two back).

Just mmmph.