March 4th, 2014

Doctor Who - 50th anniversary logo

Propping up the bar at the Winchester Club...

As well as the ongoing job-hunt (more on that later; suffice it to say, no actual luck, but I am Doing Stuff) there are two things I'm turning my hand to: tidying the house (which is a slow and arduous process, not helped by me taking one look at the state the place in in and wanting to just curl up under a duvet and hide in it's in fits and starts), and transferring all my vinyl collection to CD and mp3 (with the idea that, quite possibly, I may end up stashing the actual vinyl in the loft...although on of the boxes is Really Rather Heavy, so getting it up there could be challenging...) the course of today's work, I dug out this little gem...wondered if it was on Youtube...and indeed it is. I kind of expected to find the sound of the record accompanied by a copy of the sleeve, but no, there's an actual vintage Top of the Pops appearance - with chart countdown by the late John Peel.