April 6th, 2014

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For a little while, Sarah & I have been saying it'd be nice to pop down to visit my dad. Especially since in recent weeks I've been to see my mum & stepdad, and then we saw Sarah's mum last weekend. So, 'phone calls were made and things were sorted out, and we had a very pleasant afternoon there today.

On the journey there (and back) we had some of Sarah's country & western CD playing (one of those 4-CD collections of stuff, although honestly some of it only bore the loosest relationship to what I think of as C&W, but anyway), and at one point Stand by your man came on and although I must admit I couldn't remember who it was by (I eventually narrowed it down to Tammy Parton or Dolly Wynette*), I did remember vaguely that Erasure performed a cover version on their 1992 tour.

And there's a copy of it over on Youtube. :-)

*Yes, I know now - it was Tammy W.
Doctor Who - 50th anniversary logo

Once upon a…ooh, look! @RattyBurvil!!!

So, will be going, with kharma2815, to see this on Thursday.

Rather looking forward to it, having been thinking whenever I've been in London and seen the posters for it that it looks interesting, and then noticed recently that Rory Pond-Williams himself, Mr Arthur Darvill, is in it for a limited period.

Should be an entertaining afternoon (we're going for the matinee, on the basis that it should be less busy than the evenings. Although there weren't many seats left when I booked just now…).

Probably ought to check out the film it's based on at some point. A romantic musical sounds, frankly, right up my street.