April 9th, 2014

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A Legend! in his own lunchtime

Jerry Thackray was a family friend of ours. I say was - still is, as far as I know, although he now lives in Australia. And I personally never knew him, although I knew his mother and father, and his sister Alison...I think he had another brother and/or sister. They were all part of the same church as us when we were growing up, but the memories are a bit hazy.

Anyway, Jerry is better known as music journalist Everett True, but also for a brief while was a recording artist by the name of The Legend!, signed to Alan McGee's Creation Records (them wot gave us Oasis) in its early days.

Because of the family connection, I've had his second 7" single, Legend! Destroys the blues, sitting in my record collection for the better part of the last 30 years, but have only recently listened to it as part of my "digitising my 7" singles" project, and...well, if I'm honest, it's no great shakes. I don't know, but I suspect Jerry would probably agree with that verdict. Give someone who can't play the guitar or sing terribly well a guitar hooked up to some serious distort effects unit and a microphone, and record the results. It wouldn't be far off this, IMO. Mind you, I tend to be more into mainstream pop than more avant-garde stuff. This could well be a classic of its genre (it's not exactly cheap on eBay - £14:92 plus £8:36 p&p, although the latter because the seller is based in LA). Having said that, to my untrained-in-such-matters ear, bits of it sound a bit like early Sisters of Mercy (I mean really early - The Damage Done, Home of the Hitmen, that sort of early...)

Anyway, just for those who may be interested, I thought I'd upload it to Youtube. Enjoy. Or not, as the case may be.

The a-side - Legend! Destroys the blues:

The (slightly better, IMO) b-side - Arrogant bastards:

HIGNFY - Hislop Good

Ian Hislop's Olden Days

Am rather miffed to have forgotten to set the Sky+ for this (I've managed to catch the last half hour - it is, predictably for one of these Ian Hislop series, entertaining, informative, and the sort of thing of which Lord Reith would have been proud; and I shall no doubt catch up with it in full on iPlayer). But man alive, there's nothing like the sight of a bunch of folk at the Last Night of the Proms waving their flags and singing along to Rule Britannia to make me realise how glad I am that I've felt the need to be patriotic...