April 13th, 2014

Mini me

End of the day happy.

It's been a pleasantly productive weekend, tidying a bit round the house - nothing major, but cracked a couple of things which I've been wanting to sort out for some time. Hoping I'll be a bit on a roll tomorrow. Spent this afternoon at the LGBT Fellowship at Berry Lane Methodist Church - always a lovely bunch of people there. Sally led an interesting chat about the "clobber passages" - those bits of the Bible that are regularly trotted against homosexuality - and why they don't really have anything to say about homosexuality at all. There were some new folks there, Gwyn and I helped lead worship (him on the guitar and me on the piano), Liz and Alli were there with baby Theo (not so much a baby now - he's 16 months and walking. Often in the direction of the main door. Good job it was locked… ^_^ )

Sadly, Sarah's got a bit of neck/headache. :-(

On the other hand, I'm kind of bouncing like a bit of a puppy with happiness because my friend entorien has just posted on Twitter/Facebook that she's just given birth to her (and her wife Lin's) first child, Oswin. (A girl, although Sarah told me that Oswin is a boy's name. Pish and tish, say I...)

Now, debating whether to order a pizza or cook something (the former is more tempting) and stay up for Endeavour, or just head straight to bed…

But yeah, happy.