May 3rd, 2014

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

What we did on our holidays

So, we're on the Norfolk Broads, and - despite the actual getting here being a bit of a palaver, it's already better than our week out here last year, because It's Not Raining. Or blowing a force nine gale. (NB: previous sentence may involve a degree of exaggeration...just not very much...)

We're currently moored up in Stalham, and have just been for a little wander along the village high street. Am currently relaxing on the sofa in the living area, listening to the bird song outside, whilst Sarah relaxes on the bed reading A Study in Scarlet and munching crisps.

The company from which we hired the boat provides a little list of possible routes, one of which - which involves lots of opportunities for birdwatching, general nature watching, and a bit of astronomy (we've brought Sarah's telescope with us) - we hope to loosely follow. Although an early deviation from the plan involves us staying in Stalham overnight as Sarah's back has started playing her up - not too badly, but she's hoping to make use of the shower facilities at the boatyard. (Despite the boat itself being bigger than the one we were in last year, the toilet/shower combo is tiny. Never mind a cat, you couldn't swing a mouse in there...)

Bits of the local area are signal blackspots (including the actual marina where we got the boat from), but I suspect there will be occasional updates when I can. There may even be photos. If I can persuade Sarah to take one of me in the bow of the boat doing a Leonardo DiCaprio "King of the World" pose, that will definitely be shared!!!