May 6th, 2014

Cabin Pressure - nice hot cup of coffee

Life on board

The Cabin Pressure fan in me is taking great delight in addressing Sarah as "Skip," since she spends most of the time behind the wheel of the boat (and is, therefore, the Supreme Commander of this vessel). This presumably means she is (or at least is played by) Benedict Cumberbatch. This may or may not be considered a disturbing prospect. I, meanwhile, have settled comfortably into my role as Arthur Knapp-Shappey, seeing as I appear to be the ship's cook, although my cuisine mainly consists of teas, coffees, (keys, toffees...), cup-a-soups and porridge, and I have yet to invent anything as groundbreaking as surprising rice or fizzy yoghurt. Although I brought some yoghurt on board with me. Give it time... ;-)