September 20th, 2014

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Oh, rabbits.

I've been having a pretty lousy night's sleep, and have just been properly woken up by thunder, lightning and rain. I suspect those two facts are probably connected. Still, at least the rain prompted me to close the bedroom window before I got flooded...
Me and Sarah

Oh, and...

Many thanks to everyone who wished me and huntingospray a happy wedding anniversary! Will admit, it wasn't the most exciting of wedding anniversaries in the world - Sarah was late home from work (indeed, I ended up picking her up from town because the coach she was on had prematurely terminated in the town centre instead of coming up to near us like it normally does, otherwise she'd have been considerably later), and by the time she got home she was in the mood for nothing much more than sleep. Still, she liked the present I got her (a Welsh Lovespoon, on the basis that the 5th anniversary is symbolised by wood), despite it not being a particularly practical present (Sarah is a very practical person, y'see). I much appreciated the present she got me - on our honeymoon in Egypt, we bought a pair of matching ankhs, which we then got engraved, mine with her name and hers with my name; we then bought silver chains for them so we could wear them as necklaces; then after I lost my wedding ring because it slipped off my finger when I was out, the replacement had the opposite problem - it was too darned tight to get on my finger in the first place, and when it could get on the finger it was too tight to be comfortable, so it too ended up on the necklace; unfortunately a few months ago, the chain broke, so Sarah's anniversary present to me was a replacement chain. Given that although the traditional gift for the fifth anniversary is wood, but the "suggested modern gift" (as suggested by "librarians at Chicago Public Library," no less) is "silverware," that kind of almost works, really..!

The car's in for servicing tomorrow, but I'm kind of hoping that whenever it's done, we might be able to pop out for a meal together somewhere...
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Dear sir or madam, will you read my book?

I love this song. Nearly 50 years old, but it sounds so fresh and invigorating, it could have been recorded yesterday. Paul plays an absolutely killer bass line, too (although sadly that doesn't come over particularly well on this video, or at least not on my laptop). Whenever I've got it playing in the car, I like to play it really really loud...

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It was a teenage wedding...

I seem to have woken up (or more accurately, re-woken up, having retired back to bed after my earlier storm-induced insomnia) with this on my mind.

There are worse things to have on my mind, in fairness...

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...if Doctor Who didn't exist, someone would have had to invent it.

Thank goodness someone did Invent it, because life would a lot less enjoyable without it.
Doctor Who - You are surrounded by armed



(Sorry, I realise that will be utterly meaningless to most people. But if you understand, pat yourself on the back...)

(Also, a Terileptil. And several other beings and personages I'll need a decent freeze frame to properly identify...)
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Five down, seven to go...

...episodes of the new series of Doctor Who, that is.

Seems like as good a time as any to do a "what do you think of it so far," since we've reached a significant milestone - all the episodes which were leaked earlier in the year have now been broadcast.

And yes, I did download both the scripts and the episodes. Watched Deep Breath, Robin Hood and bits of Into the Dalek, but resisted temptation for the rest. Didn't bother reading the scripts either, except for post-broadcast to check a couple of lines here and there.

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So...that's my random thoughtlets on the season so far. Wonder what the next few episodes will bring..?