September 21st, 2014

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Thing I learned in church today

Apparently, you can make a battery out of a potato. (Lemons I'd heard of, but potatoes is a new one on me...)

Mind you, when discussing uses of potatoes, our minister hadn't heard of spud guns. Presumably they're not much of a Thing in Trinidad & Tobago, which is where she grew up.

Also, printing with potatoes! That takes me back! :-)

Also, I'd forgotten how much "Give thanks with a grateful heart" is a dead ringer for "Go West" by Pet Shop Boys (less so, IIRC, the original Village People version).
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How low can you go?

I feel a contradictory mixture of pride, relief, and indeed slight shame (!) that I've only seen one of the entries (albeit three of the actual films) on this list of the 50 worst films ever made, and those were the three Transformers films, which I only saw thanks to huntingospray (even she drew the line at going to see Age of Extinction...). Mind you, I think we've also got Batman and Robin in our DVD collection (another one of Sarah's) and we've definitely got Battlefield Earth (which I bought out of curiosity a while back because I like the book - shoot me - but I still haven't actually watched it yet...)
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...Sarah and I went to this pub after church. Not exactly the most romantic of places for an anniversary lunch, but heck, it's a nice enough place, does decent food, so no complaints there.

Was actually thinking that - as it's literally right next door to the community centre where our church currently meets up, we might go there regularly and maybe ask some of the church folks to join us there.

Also, this was playing over the pub's PA. Never heard of it before, but I quite liked it.

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I wish...

...I could motivate myself to do things.

Still, today's not going too badly right now.

It could just do with being better...