September 30th, 2014

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Books, etc.

The past few days, I've been getting back into Librarything, which is, quite frankly, a wonderful tool for cataloging all of ones books.

I have...discovered is the wrong word. I have confirmed what I already knew. Which is this: I have far, far too many books in my "pile of books waiting to be read". Actually, it's not a pile. It's three piles. Well, three large stacks. And because they're rather in danger of toppling over because they're so darned large, they're probably going to be four large stacks instead. There's a lot of them. 58, in total. I may, at some point, provide photographic evidence. But in the meantime, thanks to Librarything's tagging system, I can demonstrate what they look like, virtually, right here.

I hereby make a solemn commitment:

I'm not going to buy any more books until I've made some kind of significant progress with the "to be read" stacks/piles/whatever.

I'm also not going to buy any more Big Finish Doctor Who CDs until I've made some progress listening to the ones I've got (because I've got a complete run up to, I think, number 106 in the main range, but my listening is at somewhere around number 29). Neither, for the time being, am I going to buy any more DVDs until...well, let's see if I can get through all ten seasons of Stargate SG-1, at least. Same with Blu-Rays. Bottom line is, I have enough in the area of personal entertainment to keep me entertained for some considerable time without buying any more...
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At the moment...

...I'm mostly happy.

But there is room for improvement.

Specifically, there is room for not taking a shedload of pills every day, all of which boast similar side-effects, and indeed all (or some) of which seem to be having those similar side-effects on me, which is just exacerbating how I tend to feel most of the time anyway.

Specifically...Collapse )
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...decided against going to the cinema to see Soul boys of the Western World. Instead, have ordered it on Blu-Ray (the special edition 3-disc set), and am going to the cinema to see Lucy tonight, because, Scarlett Johansson. (When do we get a Black Widow solo film, Marvel? Please?) Also, albeit to a lesser extent, Morgan Freeman.

[Speaking of Scarlett - does anyone who's seen it know if Under the Skin is likely to set off my squeamish-ometer? i.e., does it have...well, really, any blood or gore in it? Or is it fairly tame in that regard? Part of me would be interested in seeing it (if only to see Scarlett Johansson roaming the streets of Glasgow chatting up random strangers, because, Glasgow), but I've seen it described at least by some people as a "horror". But I know that can mean different things...]

Speaking of which, after a fashion, apparently Saturday's Doctor Who is a "cruel to arachnophobes" episode. May well prevail upon huntingospray to hold my hand. Or stand between me and the screen during particularly eight-legged moments.
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I've nothing against...

...New Zealand (beautiful place, I'd love to visit there one day; indeed, long before Peter Jackson made it fashionable, I commented to my aunt that I'd like to emigrate there after I retire, causing my aunt to nearly crash the car).

But how come they get Angry Birds Transformers more than a couple of weeks before the rest of us?