October 6th, 2014

Extant - Halle Berry

On the up.

So, from Thursday to part way through yesterday, I had a few rubbish days.

I think I know why I had those few rubbish days. Basically, on Wednesday, I had a couple of commitments - my reclaim interview at the Jobcentre in the afternoon (a chore of a commitment) and going round to Rita's (mum-in-law) for the fortnightly "putting-the-world-to-rights" - i.e., an evening meal and a good old chatter with her and Sarah, before I then bring Sarah back home (a pleasant commitment, but a commitment nevertheless).

And after that, I think my brain told my body that it didn't really need to bother doing anything for the next few days, my body returned the favour, and they both decided I was better off not doing anything of note and, essentially, hibernating.

I managed to do some stuff - did some reading (I'm now over half way through Rivers of London, and enjoying it very much), caught up with the first episode of the new season of Sleepy Hollow, and on Saturday I sat at the computer dumping some stuff from the computer to the external hard drive, and sorted out my iTunes ready for backing the whole lot onto a few DVD-Rs and then clearing it from the computer itself to clear up a few GB of storage... But, mainly, it was a sedentary few days, and on Saturday I lapsed from the pill-taking regime too.

Fortunately, yesterday was a considerable improvement - started alternating some reading and some tidying up, then some reading and some washing up. Got some clothes washed, reached the point where I can around my bedroom floor without tripping over stuff, took some (but by no means all) of the pills I should've taken yesterday.

So, it's a start. Today I have a couple of commitments - an appointment at the podiatry clinic to get the dressing on my foot changed in the morning, and then an appointment at the hospital with the diabetes specialist nurse in the afternoon. Tempted to spend the intervening time in the town centre, but I can't help thinking it'll be more productive to actually come home between the two...

And of course now I'm claiming Jobseekers Allowance, I need to be actively looking for work, which is less easy than it sounds. In the few months since I was last claiming/looking, jobs that I'm suitable for seem to be a lot thinner on the ground. I'm on the emailing lists of a few of those "sign up with your CV and we'll let you know any jobs that are a match for what you're looking for," but increasingly there are fewer jobs that I'm being notified about, and quite often those that do come through are duplicates of ones that I've either a.) already applied for or b.) already dismissed on account of me being not sufficiently qualified for (mainly not being familiar with specific software packages) or them simply being too far away. Still, the things I can apply for, I am applying for, and I even had an interview a few weeks ago, although nothing came of it.

Your time will come...

Anyway. Busy day ahead. Let's get cracking.
Extant - Halle Berry

State of the day.

Been to my podiatry appointment this morning. Have hospital appointment with diabetes nurse still to come this afternoon. Have spent the time since the podiatry thing doing a bit of tidying, more specifically sorting through some of a pile of paperwork that's built up on the arm of the chair in the lounge (which is sort of the default place for the putting of stuff that needs sorting out. Haven't finished it, but made some pleasant to progress. Need to sort out getting a prescription for one of these, so I might call in at the doctor's on the way to the hospital.

Last week, Sarah surprised my announcing that she had "forgetfully" (her words) booked us a weekend away for the 18th/19th October, to Cornwall (here, specifically). "Forgetfully," because that's the weekend when we'd normally be in Chelmsford to celebrate the birthdays of my mum and our niece. Also, I was down on the music rota* at church on that Sunday, so I've had to ask someone else to fill in for me, and furthermore on the Monday, when I'll now be driving back from Cornwall, I had a hospital appointment with the diabetic team. So that's had to be postponed, but fortunately only by a week.

All go, innit?

*As we currently lack a permanent building, and the Clavinova we used to use isn't really portable, the music rota currently consists of changing CDs. Nevertheless, we are classed as musicians.