October 9th, 2014

Extant - Halle Berry

Old meme, redone.

Because it kind of occurred to me that although this was originally (as far as I'm aware) done featuring the Tenth Doctor, the Doctor has actually been claiming to be at least 900 years old for quite some time (the earliest instance I can recollect is Sixie, in Revelation of the Daleks, but I suspect there were earlier occasions...).

So, one for the Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade, amongst others...

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Sisters of Mercy - animated

Dum-dum bullets and...


I like to think that I'm normally fairly on top of all things James Bond-related, but somehow the news that there's to be a new Young Bond novel released in less than a month had passed me by. <adds to wish list but makes solemn vow not to buy>

Interestingly, writing duties have passed from Charlie Higson to Steve Cole. I mainly know him for his Doctor Who tie-in work (novels and Big Finish stuff), although he's also done quite a bit of children's/YA stuff too. I suspect the range is in good hands.
Extant - Halle Berry

So, yeah...

On the sound* basis that books added to my reading pile only count if I've paid for them myself**, I, erm, may have entered a few Goodreads giveaway contests this afternoon, in between the job applications and the watching videos.

(Of course, entering the giveaways doesn't mean I'll actually win any of them...)

*For given values of "sound".

**The same also applies to calories. Well known dietary technique.

New series...

...of Lewis tomorrow night. Really looking forward to that, despite the stories being in the "split over two one-hour episodes" which we came to know and love (ahem) in series 7...