October 10th, 2014

QI - Smarties tubes


I was looking forward to some comedy - The Now Show, HIGNFY and QI (as well as Lewis, which isn't technically comedy, but it's on tonight) to take my mind off Real Life Stuff (as well as my dad, we also heard today that one of Sarah's uncles, albeit not one she was particularly close to, had died). However, the Sky+ is not picking up any signal. Tish and pish.

Still, there's always iPlayer. And Netflix.
Extant - Halle Berry


I'm pretty sure that Antonia (my sister, well one of them) and I had these posters when we were kids - I remember colouring them in when we visited my grandparents, the designs seem like the ones I remember, and the name rings a very loud bell. Only problem is, the information on the webpage says they're designed by a "former Creative Director of Jim Henson's Creature Shop" who's been "sending out Wildergorn posters to customers all over the world" since 2009. I mean, I guess they could have only started shipping worldwide in 2009. Or I could be misremembering, and they're just similar to the colouring in designs I remember from the '70s (but they look very similar...).

Whatever. They're very beautiful. If I had the money, I'd think about buying one or two of them...