October 17th, 2014

Extant - Halle Berry

Extant expands

I loved Extant - I thought it was brilliant, imaginative, well-realised, well-acted, and if it doesn't at least get nominated for a Hugo next year then there's no justice in the world.

But...it told, as far as I could tell, a self-contained story, which played out over its thirteen episodes, came to a dramatically satisfying conclusion (and killed off several of the main characters doing so), and didn't really seem to be crying out for a second season (although the very closing scene kind of had "sequel bait" written all over it. But then so did the closing scene of Crisis...).

Nevertheless, it's been renewed for a second season. Be interesting to see where they can take it from here.

(Also? Whenever I see creator Mickey Fisher's name, I instantly think of comedian and Mock the Week regular Micky Flanagan. Which is wrong of me, I know...)
Doctor Who - We've come on holiday by mi

Cornwall? We are in you.

huntingospray and I are now here for the weekend (heading back home on Monday morning). The journey down was awful - bucketing rain and wind - but hopefully, if only for being a couple of days away, it should be worth it. We were rather surprised, though, having been to one of the chain's other resorts in Spain, to discover that this isn't self-catering. We'd kind of assumed it would be (well, Sarah had told me it would be), and packed accordingly, as well as doing a little stock up in Plymouth. Oh well. If the weather holds up, a trip to the Eden Project is on the cards.

We're right next to Bodmin Moor. If we don't make it back alive, the beast got us... ;-p
Being Human - Squee

I'm feeling kind of...

...pleased with myself, by the way. Since returning to Livejournal after a four-month absence on 14th September, I've managed to post at least one entry every day. So that's over a month. Not bad going. If I ever lapse again, poke me somebody...