October 22nd, 2014

Doctor Who - The Curse of Fenric CD scan

Today's things

I normally like to think I can cope with about one thing at a time. Nevertheless, today I managed quite a few thngs.

  • Had a call from an agency inviting me to go in and register with them tomorrow afternoon. They're out in Luton.

  • Went to the Jobcentre for my "Personal Adviser Interview". Nothing major, but it got me out of the house. Also, there's a jobs fair thing to go in a few weeks time (well, if I haven't found a job by then), and the suggestion was made that I could contact the post office to see if they've got any Christmas work going. I worked for the post office down in Chelmsford back in 1999/2000 over the Christmas hols. Wouldn't mind doing that again.

  • Went to the doctor's surgery. Asked about seeing a practice nurse so they could apply fresh dressing to my foot wound - the dressing that the guy at the podiatry clinic put on it last Friday wasn't terribly strong and came off over the weekend (in fairness, the long walk around the Eden Project might not have helped). Fortunately, they had an appointment available for this afternoon, so I got that dealt with. The nurse - who was one of the nurses who'd dealt with it when I was going to the surgery regularly a few weeks back agreed with my verdict that it's definitely healing up. So yay!!!

  • Whilst there, I picked up a prescription, for some of the antibiotics I'm taking for my foot wound, and then collected them from the pharmacy. So yay again!

  • Also, I checked up about the status of an application I'd put in a few weeks ago for a prescription charge exemption certificate (as my "current" one has actually expired). I'd thought that the doctor would sign it and then send it off to relevant authorities. Turns out it's my job to do so - although as nobody told me that, or even told me that the form was waiting for me to collect, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to have known. Still, have collected the form, which has been signed by the doctor, so my next task will be to bung it in the post. Actually, I'll do that tomorrow.

  • Ripped this to iTunes. It's not the most exciting CD in the world (it gets a bit repetitive as a lot of it's restatement of themes being...well, restated), but I rather like it. I've been listening to quite a bit of Doctor Who incidental music lately. Curse of Fenric, of course, has the distinction of being the first Doctor Who incidental score to be released in its entirety.

So, yeah. Quite a good day (certainly in contrast to yesterday, when I managed...well, hardly anything). And it's not over yet. Going to go and catch up on a bit of reading now.
Star Wars - Ackbar Shakespeare

Grauniads of the Galaxy

The soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy (or at least, the pop song component thereof) is coming out on an actual mixtape designed to look like the one Peter Quill has in the film. How awesome is that? Probably not going to actually buy it for myself - it's a limited edition (so probably going to be quite expensive) and knowing my luck if I try actually playing it, the player will probably mangle the tape. But still - nice item.

Now - where's my dancing mini-Groot..?
Doctor Who - Snog!  Snog!  Snog!  Snog!

For the sake of an angel

Been meaning to post this for a while. Earlier this year, I was in hospital with a combination of a bad foot wound and badly treated diabetes. Not a good combination. The other things I had in there were my MacBook and a lot of time on my hands, so I finished working on a Doctor Who fanvid I'd started work on some time before (probably around 2006 in its original guise). Never got round to sharing it on my actual own LJ, so I figured I might as well do so now. So hear you go.

Title: For the sake of an angel.
Programme: Doctor Who - The Girl in the Fireplace
Music: Jealousy by Pet Shop Boys
Spoilers: Well, if you haven't seen The Girl in the Fireplace you might want to watch it first. There's a thing, on a thing, going through a thing, which coincides with a Rather Good Bit in the music...
Pairing: I've managed to cut out all that twaddle with clockwork robots and Rose and Mickey and turn this into what I think Moff intended it to be all along, which is basically a Doctor/Reinette love story.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The tune is (c) Pet Shop Boys Partnership, Doctor Who is (c) BBC, the Tenth Doctor is (c) David Tennant, Reinette is (c) Sophia Myles (those last two are maybe not strictly accurate, but you get my point). This is a transformative work.

Enjoy. Feel free to comment constructively. If you enjoy it, please share it around!

Next up, I'm going to finish work on a vid of clips of Titanic to the All About Eve song Drowning...