October 24th, 2014

Doctor Who - Eleven Dalek Eye

Meet Deefa

So, a couple of weeks back I was in London meeting kharma2815, aka Emma, for one of our sporadic trips to the cinema (to see the rather enjoyable The Maze Runner, as it happens). And she gave me a knitted cuddly Dalek. She'd said a while back that she'd knit one for me - and indeed, had knitted one for me that the dog ate (!), but this one managed to escape the dog's clutches. Her dad, apparently, commented that it was a bit battered-looking. Emma just said it had been beaten up by Ace with a baseball bat. :-) I just think it's cute, and it's joined my menagerie of cuddly toys (Ted, William Patrick Beeblebear, Pieter Rand the Wolf, Melody Pond Otter, and Kelmarsh Otter). I gave Emma the challenge of naming it, and her suggestion was Deefa, which has stuck. Deefa Dalek, you see? (I've suggested to Sarah a similar naming pattern for any children we might have - Beefa Boy, Jeefa Girl, Ifor Indeterminate; strangely, she doesn't like the idea...)

Anyway, I also have, on my iPad, a Ring Modulator app, which reproduces the same effects used by voice artists from Peter Hawkins through Roy Skelton to Lord Nicholas "we're not worthy" Briggs himself, to give voice to the Daleks. So Deefa is able to introduce himself to you.

Welcome, Deefa.
Harry Potter - Rebellious Hermione

Dear Dolores Umbridge...

So, apparently, J.K. Rowling is revisiting the world of Harry Potter with a 1700 word piece about Dolores Umbridge.

And that reminded me of a piece of epistolary fic I wrote many (seven) years ago. The theory that came to me was that, although they weren't necessarily an item as such, it was just possible that Argus Filch may have...fond thoughts, let us say, about Dolores, and composed this letter accordingly. Although the initial idea struck me as being WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS, I was kind of surprised at how sweet it ended up being. I think Filch is an old romantic.

But yeah, it's probably unrequited...

Title: Keep us so near while apart
Author name: David Brider
Rating: U
Spoilers: Order of the Phoenix
Genre: Romance
Era: Between Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince
Main Character(s): Umbridge, Filch
Ship(s): Umbridge/Filch
Summary: Filch is pining
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended
Author's Notes: Whilst watching Order of the Phoenix I had a really sick idea, and I don't see why I should suffer alone.

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There is a theory which states...

...that coincidences of casting in TV programmes and films are in fact very meaningful. For example, Tom Barnaby, him out of Midsomer Murders, was played by John Nettles - who also played Jim Bergerac, him out of, well, Bergerac. Which must mean - according to the theory - that actually, Tom Barnaby is, in fact, Jim Bergerac, presumably on some sort of bizarre police protection scheme where he's changed his location from Le Bureau des Étrangers in Jersey to Causton CID in the crime capital of the country that is Midsomer, changed his name, been promoted to DCI, but stayed basically in the same career, i.e. working for the police. Now, you may, should you choose, mock this theory, but who played Tom Barnaby's former girlfriend in one episode of Midsomer Murders? I rest my case.

Now, the Inspector Morse-verse already has form in this department (Morse himself is obviously Jack Regan having developed a taste for real ale, opera and crosswords, bought a nice posh Jaguar, and relocated to Oxford, although quite what the prequel Endeavour does to this theory I'm not sure...but you can probably work out a consistent Grand Unified Theory of Morse, and extra points if you shoehorn Sergeant John Mann in there as well).

Anyhew, to the point...I just found myself wondering, catching up with last week's episode of Lewis (having missed it due to being Unavoidably Away in Cornwall last Friday), what we can make of the fact that Anna Carteret (Inspector Kate Longton off of Juliet Bravo) turned up in the latest story, Entry Wounds. At least Longton was on one of the more sensible police protection schemes, which involved a change of career as well as changes of name and location...