October 26th, 2014

Rover demands an explanation

In the forest of the night, part 2

So, this image just turned up on my Facebook feed:

...and y'know, if it wasn't for the date (it was first posted in September) I'd be absolutely convinced they cribbed that idea straight from last night's Doctor Who. And given that I'm pretty sure promotional images and information for last night's episode were doing the rounds a few weeks back, I'm not ruling it out...

Caveat: I'm not accusing them of actual plagiarism, just of being inspired by...

Oh, bloody great.

We appear to have some sort of leak. First noticed it when Sarah was showering, and I realised that water was dripping from the bathroom (first floor) to the downstairs toilet (erm, ground floor). Nicely running over the light fittings (so we killed the power and removed the bulbs, to be on the safe-ish side...). It's a good job that toilet's not in use any more, thanks to having various Eastercon newsletter printers and paper being stored in there. On the other hand...well, the bad news is kind of conveyed in that sentence (actually, most of it's okay, but much of the paper will probably be unusable, and one box - not containing a printer itself, but some cords/power leads, AFAIK) is pretty soaked). Today's unexpected task will most likely involve a plumber...
Extant - Halle Berry

Suburban Shootout

Does anyone else remember this gloriously offbeat comedy/drama from 2006? I only ask because I just found out - whilst ripping my offair DVD-Rs down to divx format - that Tom Hiddleston features fairly prominently in the cast. Just thought I'd mention that for anyone as is interested in seeing a young Hiddles in one of his earliest roles.

(The other things I found out are that my episode numbering seems to be hopelessly awry, and that at least one episode is horrendously out-of-sync. Still, fixing those problems...)