November 6th, 2014

Rover demands an explanation

Dear body,

What is the point? You have a rubbish and interrupted night's sleep, it gets to 5:30am, you decide you're going to wake me up properly anyway, and I both know that I'm just going to reach a point later in the day when - either through tiredness, boredom or depression - I'm going to hibernate for a couple of hours anyway. I'd just like to consolidate all my sleep requirements into one easy to handle eight-hour that too much to ask?
White poppy


I've found that going to a regular church service on the nearest Sunday to November 11th doesn't really work terribly well for me, and have avoided doing so for the past twelve years. Have been thinking recently that I might go down to the local local Quaker Meeting this Sunday. Once I'd vaguely formulated that decision, some friends I know from the local Methodist circuit LGBT fellowship said they'll be going down to their local Quaker Meeting too, so that kind of feels like it might be a good idea...
Sleepy Hollow - Ichabbie and horseman

Fast asleepy

Popped out to Tesco earlier. On the drive, I saw an ad on the side of a bus for the latest season of Sleepy Hollow, which made my little fannish heart skip a bit of a beat.

Also, I really ought to catch up with the latest season, having not seen any of it since the first episode. Really, right now only Doctor Who, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Star Wars Rebels are on my "watch straightaway" list (well, as well as HIGNFY, QI, UniChall, Buzzcocks and Only Connect, but quiz shows and panel games don't really count) - everything else is record, save to hard drive, and watch later...