November 7th, 2014

Extant - Halle Berry

One down, 52 to go...

Yep, another one finished from the great "to read" pile. Really happy at the progress I'm making. Taking longer than I'd like, but even so.

Here's a review I just wrote of the latest I've read, rj_anderson's Swift:

I've loved R J Anderson's previous three faery books (Knife, Arrow and Rebel) as well as her sci-fi story Ultraviolet, and I'm pleased to report that this "new" novel (it's actually been out a couple of years, but I've only just now managed to find the time to read it) doesn't disappoint. Ms. Anderson knows how to tell an exciting and interesting story with good, well-drawn characters and vividly depicted settings. I suspect that, as a 44-year old man, I'm slightly outside the target demographic for her books, but that didn't stop me enjoying it hugely. I'm looking forward to getting and reading Nomad, the fifth book in the series.

I did have a couple of minor quibbles; one is that compared to the previous novels this seemed to take a while to get going properly (although by the time it got about 60 pages in it had hit its stride); the other is that there's what seems to be a glaring plothole towards the end of the book (although this may be addressed in Nomad, so I'm not going to judge it on that at this stage). However, for me this is still a solid five star book, and one I'd highly recommend to anyone who enjoys (or feels they might enjoy) YA fantasy novels.

(Review originally posted at Goodreads.)
Mini me

Man, that was...

...surreal, and a wee bit scary actually.

I had a hibernate this afternoon - as I often do.

Woke up with quite a start after a couple of hours and thought it was first thing in the morning - which, as it was about 6:00 when I checked my watch, and dark outside, was quite an understandable mistake to make.

Managed to get my brain back in sync after a short while, but...that rather shook me, and despite being such a small thing in the overall scheme of things, it's left me still a bit shaken up.

Not nice.

<potters off to do some housework therapy>
Extant - Halle Berry


12 Haunting facts about the Titanic that you've never heard before. Except that I'd heard some of them before, and some others I had a feeling had been debunked. But even so.

30 clever innovations that totally need to be everywhere already. ISTR we gave Sarah's brother-in-law the opposite of number 19 a few Christmasses back - a USB-powered drink warmer. Some of these would actually be rather wonderful to have.

The 31 most pointless things of all time. Number 9 genuinely boggles my mind. Number 4 reminds me of a similar building in London (I want to say Leinster's definitely Leinster something, I remember that 'cos it's the same as the first name of the street where my grandparents lived), where there's a fake house front in front of a train line. Apparently people have ordered pizzas to be delivered there, but pizza companies have got wise to them...

[Checks the interwebz. Ah yes, here we are...]

Orphaned Sea Otter Pup 681’s First Night with Her Caretaker Humans at Shedd Aquarium. Seriously, how gorgeously cute is this little lass? If it was at all possible to adopt sea otters, I would. Totally. Because.

This Flux Capacitor USB car charger is rather wonderful. Sadly the US price of $24:99 (and they only ship to the US and Canada) hasn't translated well to the UK, where the going rate on Amazon is £49:99. I'm no expert on exchange rates, but I'd guess it should be nearer £20:00... [Checks online. No, £16:40 at current rates...]

In my debates online with right-wing Americans, I've often wondered what an "activist judge" is and how it differs from a normal judge. Well, now I need wonder no more - apparently it's a judge who makes a decision I don't agree with. Nice to get that cleared up...

The Prince Charles Cinema is doing Christmas screenings of It's a wonderful life. It's tempting to go along, possibly on or near my birthday...

Speaking of Christmas (which we're not until after my sister-in-law's birthday), my old stomping ground of the Lantern Arts Centre in Raynes Park is doing a production of Miracle on 34th Street. I presume this is the same version as the musical that's touring the UK at the moment (albeit not the same production, obv.). Which was on at Aylesbury. Once. Three nights ago. What? Seriously, I knew it was happening, but not so briefly (when I heard about it I'd kind of assumed it'd be playing for a week or so) or so...early. Seriously, MO34S is a classic Christmas story; you do not put classic Christmas stories on on November 3rd! (Who am I kidding - first time I saw the original film was a screening on Channel 4 one July...)

Speaking of LAC, their production of The Crucible next March could also be interesting...

And that, I think concludes the current off to cook dinner and watch telly...