November 8th, 2014


This is amusing me...

...possibly far more than it should. Blame the fact that it's nearly 5:00am and I've so far had less than five hours of very poor sleep if you must. But...

The latest episode of Lewis over on ITV Player has the most fascinatingly bizarre content warning (or notice, depending on your point of view). It reads, "contains some moderate crime scene action." Which is just...what??! Lewis has always seemed a fairly moderate sort of programme anyway, so I guess that's fitting, but I'm really at a loss to understand what "moderate crime scene action" is or looks like, or what the other types of crime scene action are or look like. ("CSI: Cardiff - measuring the velocity of a Kebab..."*)

On the basis that the episode is only up there for another 29 days, and that folks living overseas may not be able to see it anyway, pics or it didn't happen:

*On which note, am I alone in being kind of disappointed that CSI: Cyber is about computer hacking crimes rather than about crimes involving, well, Cybermen..?
Extant - Halle Berry

Bits and bobs

For a little while, I've had this song on my mind:

Today I had a drive down to Ley Hill and back for our church away day (a challenging but encouraging day, about which I'll probably blog in some depth later), so I bunged ABBA Gold onto my iPad and listened to last chunks of it (including Super Trouper on the drive there and back.

The drive there was pleasant (if overcast and windswept) and in daylight - the only time I can recall when I've gone to daylight. Which is a pity, as it's quite a pleasant place. Sadly, by the time I got to head back, the weather had taken a turn for the rainy, and also night in the process of falling (albeit not quite actually fallen). So yeah. Less pleasant.

I'm sure there's a technical difference between a "primitive Methodist" and...well, any other sort of Methodist, but it just makes me think of, I dunno, a bunch of Methodists who still live in caves and need Kal and Za to make fire for them.

Last December, my sister (Antonia) and her family got me an Amazon gift voucher - £30:00, which I've been using in the past few days to fill in some gaps in my CD collection - loads of stuff that's dead cheap on the Used & New Marketplace thing. The first of the haul arrived today - Erasure by, erm, Erasure. If memory serves me I did actually have an illicit copy of it on cassette back in the day, but that was the album where I started to go off the boil where Erasure was concerned (if not with the previous album I Say, I Say, I Say, which I did have a legit copy of), and I've sort of decided to at least get hold of and listen to the missing albums. So it's nice to now own a proper copy of it.

That's almost all for the moment.
Doctor Who - Capaldi is the Doctor

Tonight's Doctor Who

I have two predictions.

They are not, in and of themselves, remotely spoilery. One of them refers to something from last week's episode, which I won't go into detail about just in case anyone reading this hasn't seen the episode yet. (Although if you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Go and see it, it's a corker of an episode.)

I should point out that these predictions are not based on any knowledge of the episode, I've not seen it, I've not read a script for it, I've not read any spoilers for it, I'm completely in the dark, and if these predictions turn out not to happen, then, *heh*, I was wrong.

So, with those caveats in mind:

1.) Missy will turn out not to be who we've been led to believe she is. It's not that I have a problem with the revelation at the end of last week's ep (although I know either many people, or at least a vocal minority, do), but I just have a hunch that there's going to be some sort of deeper mystery involved, there need to be a good few plot twists and turns in a season finale anyway, and particularly as this week's ep is an hour long. So, yeah - I suspect that all is not as it appears to be.

2.) Daleks. I don't know why, apart from - as I said - the feeling that there's got to be a little more in the finale, an upping of the ante. What could trounce Cybermen walking down the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral a la the 1960s classic serial The Invasion and the (fairly well known) fact of UNIT's inclusion in the episode? Heck, why not throw the Daleks into the mix too? With so many of the episode's scenes being recorded in full view of the public on location in and around St. Paul's, any possibility of surprise about the Cybermen and UNIT has been blown (hence: use them in the pre-publicity), so they've got to have something up their sleeve to surprise us. They can keep the Daleks in the studio scenes (maybe in the St. Paul's interior?) fairly easily.

Also, a bonus prediction - Seb will turn out to be more important than he appears. There's no way he's just an underling. And if Chris Addison gets some scenes with Capaldi!Doc, that'll be a nice touch too...
Extant - Halle Berry

One thing...

...that happened at the church away day was that I was reminded of a couple of songs I wrote many many years ago. One, Prodigal, I have a fairly decent recording of; the other, Precious, I was halfway through working on when my old iMac died. I'd quite like to have a crack at recording it properly (and ideally finishing it before death of computer prevents me from doing so).

Both fall broadly under the heading of Contemporary Christian Music, Praise and Worship, or as I just tend to label it, "Godstuff". So if that's not your cup of tea, feel free to not bother with this entry. But in the meantime, here's the link to it on Soundcloud.

(ETA: Sorry about my vocals. I'm not the world's greatest singer, and I did rather manage to write thing song outside my "easy" singing range. Still, it gets the point across.)