November 10th, 2014

Minions - movie

Achievement unlocked

Just been to a Christmas recruitment event at the Jobcentre. Came away with a specific job to apply for (possibly a bit outside my field, but worth going for), and also a few agencies to register with. Not to mention putting my name down for possible Christmas work with Amazon - driving or warehouse, not fussy which. And this morning I applied online for casual work at the Royal Mail this Christmas.

Also, I wore my Doctor Who/Minions crossover t-shirt. Got a couple of compliments for it. That rather boosted my spirits*. :-)

*I mean, yes, a job would be better, but...
Extant - Halle Berry

Y'know... really would probably be definitely a good idea to not read stuff online that I know is just going to make me angry and upset. I should value my mental health a bit better...
Blake's 7 - Shiny Liberator


...really is going to be epically awesome, isn't it? I mean, I know the trailers always have the best bits and then the real programmes/films contain all the naff bits they cut out of the trailers, but there's such a great vibe from this trailer that I can't believe it'd be anything less than wonderful.

(Please don't let me disappointed...)

I'm gonna go with the fame and fortune.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

I am...

...very very childish and very very bad and have just cracked up into hysterics at something unintentionally rather rude-sounding.

Seriously, people who come up with village names in medieval England really ought to put a bit more thought into how double-entendre-ish they're going to sound several hundred years down the line. There's no excuse for lack of foresight. It just looks careless.