November 11th, 2014

Sherlock - I believe in


I appear to have a Benedict Cumberbatch on the front cover of my copy of next week's Radio Times.

This is not a complaint.

Definitely not a complaint...
Default Christmas icon

Trying to work out if I've been naughty or nice...

My Sky+ Box was being horribly intermittent during the closing minutes of Saturday's Doctor Who, so I pretty much missed this trailer. Nice to see it in its entirety.

I believe it's been announced that - in news which will surprise nobody - there will be Doctor Who-related material in Children in Need. Whenever that is - next Friday, or the Friday after? I've lost track. Looking forward to that.

It has occurred to me that Saturday nights in the immediate future won't be the same without new Doctor Who to look forward to. Mind you, the trailer for Atlantis looks interesting, but I really can't be bothered getting into another programme, especially as I didn't see the first series...
Distracted by Sparkly

For some time...

...since reading her first book, From Notting Hill with love...actually I've been quite a fan of author Ali McNamara. Whilst her books are probably not "great literature," nor even desperately original (the names are a giveaway in that regard), they are nevertheless terrific fun, and they appeal to the side of my nature that enjoys a good romcom, since Ali's novels (both her From Notting Hill... featuring Scarlett O'Brien, and her other books Step Back in Time and Breakfast at Darcy's) are basically romcoms in book form.

And although I've theoretically banned myself from buying new books until the Great To-Read Pile has been sufficiently shrunk, there is one major exception: signed books. Hence, a little while back, getting the William Shakespeare's Star Wars books signed at Forbidden Planet in London (in fairness, they were never going to be added to the to-read pile anyway), and also ordering the new Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt novel from The Poisoned Pen, an American bookshop for which he regularly does signing sessions (because, let's face it, I'm not aware of him doing signings over here in the UK).

And tomorrow, Ms. McNamara is doing a signing at a pub in Cambridgeshire. So, erm, yeah...will be going. Will be getting as many of her books signed as is humanly possible (although if there are massive queues I will restrict myself to one or two at most). Fortunately, despite initial misgivings when I heard about the location of the signing (given my memories of going to get Neil Gaiman to scribble on The Ocean at the End of the Lane in Ely a couple of years back, which involved a lengthy drive there and back), it's not a desperately long drive, and it'll be nice to get out of the house for a bit. Hopefully the weather will be pleasant - today was a bit grim and grey and rainy. Whatever else happens, I'm hoping to be happy.

And then I'll hopefully get home and finish reading K9 Stole my Trousers, because otherwise I haven't really earned the right to get the new book... *ahem*

Quick recommendation - Breakfast at Darcy's and From Notting Hill to New York...actually are particularly good reads, in my opinion. Go. Treat yourself.