November 20th, 2014

Me and Sarah

Classical spectacular

Sarah and I, and Rita, are off to see this on Sunday.

Looks like it should be good fun. May need to borrow Sarah's earplugs for the "thundering cannon" (although, well, Sarah might be using them at that point!). But still. Fun.
Doctor Who - 50th anniversary logo

Also on Sunday...

As has previously been discussed round these 'ere parts, our church is currently between buildings, meeting in a local community centre, and therefore our organ piano rather smart Yamaha Clavinova, which is rather bulky, heavy, and doesn't take terribly well to being re-located, is currently in storage until we move into our nice new building.

We still have a pianist Clavinovist rota, though, but rather than playing the Clav, we sit at a CD player changing CDs. Ah, the glamour of it.

I'm on the rota this coming Sunday. Which, erm, happens to be the 51st anniversary of Doctor Who.

I'm just vaguely wondering if I can subtly mark the event in some small way. I was thinking maybe this could be played quietly at about 10:15am, just as people are starting to come into the building and take their seats:

...or after the service, even. Or maybe I could cobble a more church organ-based version in Garageband over the next couple of days.

Cabin Pressure - shifted otters

My brain moves in mysterious ways...

A few weeks back when in London, I saw that there's a new Magic: The Gathering thing (expansion set? I know not, I don't play the game), called Khans of Tarkir.

And...look, I'm not saying I'm obsessed with otters or anything (although they are utterly cute. Proof.), but it occurred to me that some sort of crossover with Henry Williamson's well known novel might be in order.

(Khans of Tarka? Tarkir the Otter? You decide...)