November 22nd, 2014

The Box of Delights - title

In my box of such delights...

So. Thirty years ago yesterday, BBC1 showed the first episode of The Box of Delights, a weird, wonderful, innovative adaptation of John Masefield's classic book. It starred Patrick Troughton as Cole Hawlings, so obviously was kind of destined to appeal to Doctor Who fans.

I always try to make a point of trying to watch it in the run up to Christmas, and normally fail. As it's the thirtieth anniversary, I decided I'd make a really extra special attempt this year. Some people start with the first episode on November 19th, and then watch an episode at weekly intervals thereafter, ending on Christmas Eve, but I must admit I favour watching it on the actual anniversary of broadcast (the first five episodes were broadcast on Wednesdays, but the final episode came forward to Christmas Eve, which was a Monday that year).

It is an amazingly Christmassy story - telling the story of young Kay Harker, coming home from boarding school for the Christmas holidays and getting embroiled in a tale of magic plots after he meets the mysterious Cole Hawlings at the railway station. Well worth a watch - the DVD is fairly cheaply available on Ye Olde Amazonne. Indeed, it's all up on Youtube. But that's just cheating...

Anyway. Yeah. Watched the first episode yesterday. Might post sort of vague review-lettes of the episodes as I watch them. But in the meantime, have a trailer.

Sleepy Hollow - Ichabbie and horseman

Gotta love US TV...

Watching the 3rd ep of the current series of Sleepy Hollow (kind of gradually catching up, although I think two episodes have been broadcast since I saw episode 2...), and...loving the fact that it's 10 minutes into each episode before we get the opening credits. US TV does that a lot more than UK TV anyway (heck, I think most UK TV still doesn't do it anyway), but I think Sleepy Hollow is particularly...impressive, is that the right word..?