November 28th, 2014

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Star Wars - logo

In other news.


*flails a bit*

*flails a lot*

The Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer is here!!!

How beautiful is that?

Now, nobody start slagging off the spherical astromech. Or the impractical hand guards on the lightsabre. You may, if you like, mention the fact that - as has been suggested elsewhere - it sounds like it might, at a teeny tiny smidgin of a pinch, be Benedict Cumberbatch doing the VO (I doubt it actually is, but you never know). I might not be much of a Star Wars fan (outside of the films and the audio adaptations thereof, my knowledge of the EU is limited to a handful of novels and a couple of graphic novels*), but I am a bit of a fan, and right now I'm in my happy Star Wars bit-of-a-fannish place, squeeing like an Ewok at the thought of what my 46th birthday might bring...

*I did, back in the day, have quite a collection of the old Palitoy figures and models. Sadly, someone - I blame my mum, although it might have been me, or at least at my instigation - got rid of them. Mind you, I've got some odds and ends of Lego Star Wars around the house, including the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon...