November 29th, 2014

Stephen Fry - thumbs up

I'm quite interesting...

According to last night's QI, the Duke of Wellington had affairs with two of Napoleon's mistresses (both called Josephine or Josephina, neither of them the more famous Empress). Well quite frankly, I wouldn't have blamed the Duchess if she'd given him the boot.


Also, am quite pleased that I got the Lavatorial question ahead of the panellists.
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Terry Pratchett rethought as philosopher in new study.

This isn't exactly surprising. There's always been a strong philosophical undercurrent to Pratchett's work.

I must admit, I was rather amused by the pullout quote on the Guardian's Facebook link:

“One of the recurring philosophical questions is: ‘Does a falling tree in the forest make a sound when there is no one to hear?’ Which says something about the nature of philosophers, because there is always someone in a forest. It may only be a badger, wondering what that cracking noise was, or a squirrel a bit puzzled by all the scenery going upwards, but someone.”

Brian Blessed - alarm

I'm Brian.

I've just realised that my big problem with the adverts is that, instead of making me think, "I need to use for my car insurance," they Actually Make me think, "I'd really really like a Brian the robot."

Which as nobody - particularly not - appears to be marketing Brian the robot models, makes it kind of a counterproductive set of adverts.

Still, it's a marketing opportunity they may want to consider. After all, Compare the Market produces Meerkat toys (although I think you actually have to use their services to get one...)
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

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Today has been Quite A Good Day. Did some cleaning, did some tidying, did some reading, sorted out the medicine cupboard (chucked a load of stuff that was past its use by date), imported loads of video from the Sky+ box into the computer, including the final episode of Mammon (which I've still got to watch the whole thing at some point) and a couple of episodes of Edge of Darkness. Also Sarah took the car in to have some work done on it including getting the brake pads changed (sadly, some of the work she'd booked it for couldn't be done - something to do with the person she'd spoken to to book it in had now left the company - I know, odd, right - and so the necessary parts hadn't been ordered).

Generally speaking, I'm feeling pretty happy. Despite not having heard a dicky bird about the job I went to Hoddesdon about on Thursday, which is a wee bit annoying. I mean, I'm kind of assuming I'll be starting at 3:30pm on Monday as discussed, but it'd be nice to know for definite...

I have a this to go to tomorrow. Looking forward to that, natch. If the friendly bombs could avoid falling on Slough for at least tomorrow, I'd be very grateful..!