November 30th, 2014

Doctor Who - Genius at work

I maded a thing.

So, yeah. Whilst at Project Motormouth today, I had an idea, for one of those silly crossovers that really is crying out to happen (and, indeed, may have already happened, but this was my idea so there). I thus present...

Mini me



There's a friend of mine. This is her. We met at Easter People many many years ago, and stayed in touch for a few years, but then sort of drifted out of touch. And...I don't know. I'd like to know if she's okay. But I've no way of finding out. The email addresses I had for her don't work - one of them just bounces, the others...I realised a little while back that when I occasionally sent her an email, it went unanswered, but I didn't think much of it at the time, because I know what it's like - you get busy, you put things off and keep meaning to do them and never get round to them, but...

She was never in the best of health. I'm kind of prepared to face the worst case scenario. But...if anyone can just make contact with her through one of the email addresses on her website, or find some other way of getting in touch with her through the magic of the world wide interwebz, I really would be just hugely massively grateful, and if you can let her know that I'm concerned for her and thinking about her and that if she can just drop me a line to let me know she's okay...that would be wonderful, y'know?

Thanks in advance.