December 11th, 2014

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Joanna Dukes

Picture I bought back at the "Both Sides of the Paper" Press Gang convention back in 1995 - Joanna Dukes, as Tiddler, in the episode Pizza and the Week. Whatever happened to her? She was great in PG - and also as Maria Jones in The Box of Delights - but doesn't seem to have done anything for 20 years (as her Wikipedia article notes, since PG ended). Hope she's just okay, happy, and retired from acting, as opposed to being one of those folks who's gone too soon.

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Mass linkspam

Just been clearing through some piles of paperwork with various web addresses on them, so just consolidating them together into one easy to manage linkspam...

Rod Lord, who supervised the animation on the TV The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is selling off prints from the original animation negatives, in A3 and 7" x 5" sizes (the former can be signed for an extra £15:00).

Chatham dockyard ghost walks. I think we must have picked up the flyer for this when we were down in Rochester for the Christmas market. There's only one left this year, and that's tomorrow, so we're not likely to be able to do anything about that, but it's obviously an annual thing so maybe next year or some other time..?

Talyllyn Railway "treats". Some nice items here, although ISTR the steam railway out of Swanage offers some better things like driver/footplate opportunities.

St. Albans Model Engineering Society annual exhibition. I think we were talking about going to the one in 2010. It is, as the name suggests, an annual thing, so hopefully we can go to maybe next year's, and we shouldn't be remotely concerned about the fact that it still list this September's (three months ago) as the "next" one, nosirree...

3 Darths Comics, a comics - and tons of other stuff - store we found when we were randomly wandering round Harlow a while back. This can be dated by the fact that we were still living in Bishops Stortford at the time...

Dickens World. This also would have been picked up when we were in Rochester. Only lists dates for November, which is confusing, but I think it's open all year round...

Living it Out. A book exploring life for LGBTQ Christians, their churches and their families and friends. Written by a couple of friends of mine who are part of the Berry Lane Methodist Church LGBT Fellowship group.

That concludes this linkspam. I wonder what the next bit of sorting out will bring with it..?
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You got the touch...

My tidying up has unearthed the CD Sarah and I put together of music for our wedding ceremony.


For Sarah to process into the church:

For us to process out of the church, starting at about 25 seconds (and we'll just draw a discreet veil over the fact that my brother-in-law accidentally put the wrong disc in at this point...)

For the CD to run into, on the basis that it would put folks in a bit of a party mood:

I may be spending a little while nostalging* out.

*What do you mean? Of course it's a real word.