December 19th, 2014

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Daily stuff

Thanks to everyone, both on Livejournal and Facebook, who wished me a happy birthday - that was very much appreciated. :-)

Gotta be honest, yesterday and today haven't exactly been spectacular, and yesterday was...probably about as unbirthday-like as it's possible to be. Really, I've just been spending the time pottering around the house, trying a new tidying up technique which involves deciding on a particular - very small - area, say the top of a table, a patch of floor, a pile of books, whatever, and focusing on that for a few minutes. As a result of which, have managed to make some very positive differences in my living space. Baby steps at the moment, but all the little steps will hopefully add up to one big one.

Also, been copying videos from the Sky+ box into the MacBook and thence onto the external hard drive, a procedure which I've discovered is far quicker using Quicktime than (as I'd been doing before) iMovie. I'm a few episodes closer to my goal of having every episode of Time Team, which is good. Sadly, one thing I've discovered is that episodes which have been partly watched - say to identify which episode they actually are - are the first thing to be automatically wiped when, as has often happened in the past, the Box gets to 0% free space, and so a few episodes which I did have on the Box I now no longer have. :-( A situation exacerbated by the fact that such repeats as Channel 4/More4 shows tend to cycle through a particular subset of episodes which don't include some of the ones I'd really like to have. Still, it's a start, and I'm determined I'm not going to cheat by torrenting them or anything. There are a few on over the next week or so - I think all ones I've got, but y'never know. (There are also episodes regularly shown on the Discovery History Channel, but annoyingly - and for no obvious reason - they're edited. Only by about three minutes, but...I'm a purist...)

Anyway, now up to 58% free space on the Box, which is nice.

Stuff to look forward to over the festive period includes the two-part finale of Cabin Pressure, the new adaptation of Good Omens, the Christmas Doctor Who, the traditional Christmas run of University Challenge, and a Mock the Week special, whilst the new year brings with it the new series of Last Tango in Halifax, 1864, and the new Russell T Davies series Cucumber and Banana (as well as Tofu).

(Rather disappointed to learn that series 3 of Broen/The Bridge won't be airing in Scandinavia until next autumn. Also that Kim Bodnia won't be in it...)

Also, been writing and sending Christmas cards - as usual, leaving it a bit late (the ones to Thailand just won't get there in time, but I'll send them anyway - better late than never...). We're having a pre-Christmas lunch with Sarah's family tomorrow, so that'll sort of properly begin the festive season in earnest. Presents to wrap too...

And I registered with an agency this morning. Who knows, that might result in something...