December 20th, 2014

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Sarah and I went off to lunch with her family - that is, her mum Rita, her sister Claire, Claire's husband Nick, and Claire & Nick's two children Rachael and Michael. Prior to that we got all the Christmas cards finished and posted, although a couple that are being sent to Thailand...well, they're not going to make it in time, are they? It kind of occurred to me that it might be quicker to ask Malcolm (m'stepdad) to take them with him when he goes over there in the new year. OTOH, at least this way, we can say that we've sent them properly, and possibly (if nobody reads this) attribute any lateness to a strike by the pigeons.

Lunch was at The Peppermill in Chorleywood, a delightful little restaurant. Normally I have the margherita pizza when I eat there (as I am a man of very fussy tastes), but today I decided for the fillet of cod with warm salad of new potato, oven dried tomato and rocket leaves (I passed on the chorizo - I wasn't feeling that adventurous...). Unfortunately, there was rather a large crowd of youngsters - I think it was some sort of children's football team, presumably having a pre-Christmas shindig, and they were making rather a racket which was...a bit much for me. But, that didn't detract too much from my enjoyment of the day and anyway they left eventually.

But yes, it was a pleasant lunch, and a nice chance to catch up with family. We went to Rita's place afterwards, where there was exchanging of presents (Rita had got me this disappearing TARDIS mug, which I shall have lots of fun drinking hot chocolate out of and watching the TARDIS appear and disappear; and for Sarah, this rather awesome 3D jigsaw puzzle of St. Peter's Basilica, which I shall have hours of fun completing for her over the next few days and then taking it apart so she can complete it herself whilst she's off work between Christmas and the New Year...).

After that, back home, where Sarah watched some of the extras (I believe the politically correct term is non-speaking supporting artistes) on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Blu-Ray (apparently she enjoys the sight of Benedict Cumberbatch rolling around on the floor. Doing mo-cap work as Smaug. Get your minds out of the gutter...) whilst I had a bit of a nap. After the nap was over I did a bit of tidying in the lounge. At this rate, we might even have room for the Christmas tree by, well, Christmas. Although which Christmas is anyone's guess.

Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston was on the Sky+ Box and that was what I decided to import into the MacBook this morning (although at some point I'll hopefully replace it with the DVD release which is the full concert rather than edited highlights). As a result of that I was in a bit of a Fleetwood Mac mood so decided to listen to Rumours on the way to Chorleywood. With what can only be described as impeccable timing, the Grand Prix bit of The Chain came on exactly as we came off the M25 and into a traffic jam. Hmmph.

On which note, I was rather delighted to discover this 1988 documentary on Youtube - my old VHS recording is horribly incomplete and I couldn't find it online anywhere last time I looked. Nice to see it again:

Have also been importing (although not actually watching yet...) Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty, it me, or is Dan Jones very much going for a sort of Michael Wood kind of vibe..?

Now...I know we had lunch out, but I really feel I need something to eat before bed...