December 24th, 2014

Cabin Pressure - shifted otters

The lemon is in play.

Man alive, I'm going to miss Cabin Pressure. But still, that was a heck of a good episode to go out on.

(And anyway, I can still listen to it all on lovely shiny CD. Not that I've got the full A to Z boxed set yet (it doesn't come out for another three weeks), but...I will. At some point.)

Now. Christmas shopping - done.

Still got some of this to do:

And then, dinner.

In quite a good, if not fully Christmassy, mood right now...
Stargate SG1 - cast & logo

Random Stargate SG-1 observation.

Just recently I've been ripping my Stargate SG-1 DVDs so as to watch the episodes on my iPad.

I can't help noticing - and I don't know if this is something that's been observed, commented upon, or even explained, by the fandom - that each episode is exactly 42 minutes 26 seconds long.

It must take quite a lot of effort to ensure that level of uniformity...