January 8th, 2015

Rover demands an explanation

In the words of the late great Freddie Mercury...

...I'm going slightly mad.

Or at least it feels like it.

(At about this point, m'beloved huntingospray would say, in tones laden with incredulity, "going? Slightly???!" But tish and pish...)

Am digitising my old VHS collection because...well, it's something I've been meaning to do for some time, and I have a box of tapes in the lounge that's just cluttering things up, and now that I've tidied the rest of the lounge it was quite easy to hook the VHS player up to the laptop and get cracking.

And I got to Hannay. Anyone remember Hannay? TV series follow up to the 1978 film version of John Buchan's The Thirty-Nine Steps. Like the film, it starred Robert Powell as the titular Richard Hannay. I remember thinking at the time that Powell would make a pretty good Doctor Who. Ah, what might have been.

Anyway...surprise one was that I'd only recorded the second series. I really ought to get the whole series at some point (it's out on DVD. Sadly I don't have the option of just buying series 1.) Surprise number two was that I'd confusingly got the tapes in the wrong boxes.

Surprise number three is that according to every online source I've been able to find, episode 5 was The Confidence Man and episode 6 was That Rough Music. It says it on Wiki, it says it on imdb, it says it on Amazon...

Trouble is, according to my off air recordings, those two episodes were broadcast the other way round.

I mean, as far as I know, the recordings are on broadcast order. This was before we had two video recorders (I think it was, anyway), so although I did later record things on one tape and then copy them onto another, that wouldn't have been the case in this instance. So I'm confused. I can only assume that the online resources are Just Plain Wrong, but as they're all uniformly wrong I'm mystified as to the source of the confusion.


Oh well, have the opening titles. With Ye Olde Thames TV ident...

Stargate SG1 - cast & logo

Pleasantly surprised...

...to hear a bit of Caro Emerald in the opening moments of Agent Carter the other day. Generally speaking, I enjoyed the programme so far. Agent Carter kicks some serious ass. The overall message I'm getting from this series is You do. Not. Mess. With. Peggy. Carter. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of it pans out. Certainly, the break between the two sections of season two of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. suddenly got a whole lot more bearable!

I kind of expect that there will already be some Agent Carter fanvids set to the song anyway, because hey, fandom does that, it's over 90 seconds since the episode went out (well, episodes, as we got two in one night), but in the meantime: