January 13th, 2015

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...has been mostly spent in bed, asleep. And I'm now considering going to bed for the night. Erm...

Went out earlier in the evening to get some fish and chips for myself, and breaded mushrooms and chips for Sarah. Then got home and only managed to eat about half the chips before feeling full up. Something wrong there...

Sarah's back at work tomorrow, partly because she's feeling mostly recovered from her flu-y virus thing but also because to take any more time off she'd need a doctor's note. I'll be back to being on my own during the day, which...may or may not be a good thing.

Watched Star Wars: Rebels S01E08 - Path of the Jedi earlier. I'm finding that entertaining fun, without being any great shakes. Good to have Frank Oz back as Yoda. It's certainly keeping the Star Wars vibe going until Episode VII gets here. That also inspired me to play a couple of sessions of Lego Star Wars. :-)

Tomorrow is episode 3 of Agent Carter day (well, tonight in the US). Looking forward to that. Started watching Blade Runner, but only got about half way through. I'm certainly enjoying it, but it's a bit weird coming to it backwards, as it were - after I've already seen some of the things that were inspired by it, so I'm thinking, LA 2019 is Coruscant! Flying cars in the pouring rain is straight out of Back to the Future Part II! Etc... Still, at least once I've seen it I can tick it off my list of films to see!

Speaking of TV, watched the latest episode of Broadchurch, and...I'm enjoying it, and I love David Tennant as an actor, but seriously...Alec Hardy as a character really is an utter pratt, isn't he? How does he get away with doing some of the moronic stuff that he does? (Actually, that seems to be the point - he doesn't...)

Still worried about my friend Judy. Between that and just generally feeling a bit restless, there's a chance I might just jump in the car tomorrow and head down to Thornbury. Sure, I don't stand much chance of finding her, but you never know.