January 19th, 2015

Stargate SG1 - cast & logo

I like this

I've not really heard of Mesh before (I kind of feel I ought to have, after all, their Wiki entry describes them as "synthpop" - although they seem to be more towards the Depeche Mode end of the scale, verging slightly on Nine Inch Nails, rather than my preferred Pet Shop Boys/Erasure territory), but I've got to admit, this cover version of the old Del Amitri classic Nothing Ever Happens is really rather gorgeous. IMO, at least.

Cabin Pressure - shifted otters


Sarah and I have a couple of calendars. (Well, physical ones, at least...) The main one, in the lounge, is a The Hobbit - Battle of the Five Armies one (we've had a Hobbit film one for the last three years. Goodness knows what we'll do next year*...). Downstairs, though, we have a family organiser wallchart thing (which is, effectively, a calendar). Sarah, who was unwell, made the mistake of entrusting me with the sacred mission of buying the calendars this year. So we ended up with this.

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Sadly, only the front cover of the wallchart contains otters (well, there's also the matching otter picture for one of the months inside). Although, the pictures on the other months are also of cute animals. January is penguins. Yay penguins! Indeed, yay cute animals!

So, I call that a win. Hope the rest of the year lives up to it...

(Also, in Tesco, there was an official Benedict Cumberbatch calendar. Don't think I wasn't very very tempted...)

*A Star Wars - The Force Awakens one isn't out of the question, mind you...
Mini me

I don't...

...follow Call the Midwife. I don't even occasionally watch it. I'd probably quite like it, but I don't have the time for all the programmes I do follow (I've still not finished Fringe or Merlin, despite the fact that they finished years ago, and I'm a couple of seasons behind on Supernatural), so trying to follow another one seems rather foolish...

However, whenever I catch the end credits of Call the Midwife - say, before an episode of Last Tango in Halifax - I feel a sense of family pride, because my sister worked on that.


(Speaking of Last Tango..., was rather interested in the wording at Kate and Caroline's wedding - "I now pronounce you spouses for life." Is that the norm for same-sex wedding ceremonies, does anyone know? I kind of expected "wife and wife" - and assume it would be "husband and husband" if two men are getting married - but...I dunno, "spouses for life" has a certain ring to it, and retains the scansion of "husband and wife," so...yeah...it's good...)