January 30th, 2015

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Blessed are the cheesemakers..?

So, Jerry has decided to start a business, hoping to turn his hobby - making cheese - into a lucrative profession. He goes to the bank manager with his exciting business plan.

"My parents, bless them, came from a village in Somerset," he says, "so I've decided to name my new enterprise in their honour: Cheddar Cheese."

The bank manager sighs and points out that, for a man so passionate about cheese, Jerry seems blissfully unaware that there already is a cheese called Cheddar. He suggests that Jerry go away and have a slight rethink.

Jerry comes back a few days later with his revised plan. "Well, the cheese I make has a definite scarlet tint to it, so I thought I'd combine that with my name..."

"Scarlet Jerry?" says the bank manager, thinking it's certainly an original name for a cheese, even if it won't necessarily sell well.

"No," says Jerry. "My surname. I think 'Red Lester' has a nice ring to it, don't you?"

The bank manager groans, points out the problem with this plan, and again suggests that Jerry have a rethink.

A few days later, Jerry is back and bouncing with enthusiasm.

"I've got it! A friend of mine lives out in a town in Israel, and he's suggested that he could source me all sorts of different milk from the animals out there - not just cow's milk, but goat's milk, sheep's milk...and there's so much variety of ways to make the cheese...it's going to be brilliant!"

The bank manager agrees that this does, indeed, sound like a promising idea.

"And because there's so much variety...well, I think we'll keep the name fairly generic, and just name it after the town my friend lives in."

<wait for it...>

<wait a bit longer...>

<just a little bit longer...>

<drum roll...>

"We'll call it 'Cheeses of Nazareth'! What do you think?"

The bank manager groans...
The Goodies OBE


...I have absolutely no idea why I just started singing this to myself.

But, who needs reasons..?