February 6th, 2015

Me and Sarah


...to m'beloved huntingospray for getting my iPad screen replaced.

Thanks also to this company who actually did the work, and also replaced my iPhone screen when it cracked a few years back. As it is, this iPad repair I've been sitting on for about a year - it broke when I dropped it on the floor at the Suzanne Vega gig in Dublin last February. During the wait, I'd looked at the possibility of getting it done by a little company (I want to say it was a branch of Timpsons, but maybe not) that's next to our local big Tesco, but when I asked they charged about twice the rate of Lovefone, and would have had to send it away for a while to get the replacement done. Whereas Lovefone did it same day, and provide a not-terribly-expensive courier service for people in London who can't get to their premises. I can't recommend them highly enough for anyone I know in London who has iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Samsung or Google Nexus devices that need screen replacement.

So yeah - am feeling pretty happy. And iPpy the iPad is looking good as new. :-)
Doctor Who - Fantastic

In other news...

...it's not been absolutely, entirely, 100% confirmed yet, but it looks like after the current job finishes next Friday, there's a possibility that I'll be moving on to another job - same company, different part of the office, doing a slightly different job but basically still compliance. Expect to get confirmation on Monday. Apparently, my manager has spoken highly of the work I'm doing. Which...well, I don't want to get too vain or anything, but that makes me feel rather pleased!

In yet other news, Sarah is - so far - rather happy with the rugby result that's emanating for Cardiff...
Minions - movie

Respect! Power! Banana!

If you only see two films this year, make sure they're Age of Ultron and The Force Awakens.

If you see three, see The Minions as well...

(Mind you, Kingsman is pretty darned wonderful too...)