February 7th, 2015

Welsh flag

Rare sports-related post

There is, apparently, rugby going on at the moment.

Sarah, as many of you may be aware, has Welsh blood in her. She is proudly loyal of her roots, and knows which team she supports. Many years ago, in Merthyr IIRC, we picked up a fridge magnet that said, "there are two teams I passionately support: Wales, and whoever is playing against England." So last night's result was doubly upsetting for Sarah.

I support no team, but am happy to encourage Sarah in her support for the Welsh. In our first year together, they won the championship, a feat they've repeated on at least a couple of occasions since.

Wales is one of my favourite countries. Lovely place to visit, and if we could I'd happily live there.

I leave you with this:

Got banned, apparently. Some people have no sense of humour.