February 10th, 2015

Rover demands an explanation

No, you probably couldn't make this up...

In the toilets at work (please bear with me; this isn't, despite that opening phrase, going to be a horribly TMI post), we have two hand dryers, next to each other. One is the type that dries you by blowing hot air at you (insert Not the Nine O'Clock News joke here...), whilst the other dispenses paper towels. Both work automatically - wave your hand under the dryer to get your hot air or paper towel, whichever you prefer.

I tend to prefer the hot air dryer, but...there's a little bit of a problem. Y'see, either the hot air dryer is powerful enough for this to happen, or near enough to the paper towel dispenser for this to happen, but...whenever you wave your hand under the hot air dryer, the blast of air that jets forth causes the paper towel dispenser to burst into life and dispense an unwanted paper towel at you.

On the bright side, the paper towels are on a perforated roll, so the unwanted towel waves around limply like one of those USA flags on the moon (but more blue) until someone else comes along and uses it, but even so...any attempts at environmentally sound living have just evaporated in a blast of hot air... :-(
Star Wars - Vader Da Boss

I don't know...

...if you could call me a really serious, dedicated Star Wars fan. I mean, I love the films, especially the original trilogy - they were part of my growing up, after all; and the prequel trilogy have their good points, once you get past Jar-Jar bloody Binks. There are whole portions of the films, particularly the first one (i.e. Star Wars - none of that "Episode IV: A New Hope" malarkey, thank you very much...) that I can quote off by heart, and they're all full of action and adventure and excitement and humour and romance. And yes, I love the Lego Star Wars video games and also have a tiny collection of the Lego Star Wars models.

But I don't really think of myself as an absolutely 100% Star Wars fan. I know precious little about the expanded universe, I couldn't have told you (until yesterday when I found it in one of those cross-sections books) that the X-Wing is a T-65, and whilst I adore the Ewoks because I think they're cute and basically teddy bears, I think Boba Fett is overrated. Judge me, I don't care.

But...the spaceships. They're bloody awesome. I mean, the Millennium Falcon is just so iconic and beautiful, but all of them are wonderful. Perhaps the biggest mistake made by the prequel trilogy was abandoning actual models in favour of CGI.

Which is why I'm positively gob-smacked by this page: detailed close-ups of Star Wars spaceships. It really does exactly what it says on the tin. Warning: click on that link and you won't be leaving the page in a hurry. The level of detail that went into some of those models - some of which were seen only fleetingly on screen, often before being blown up - is just astounding.

Marvellous, beautiful stuff.