February 12th, 2015

Blake's 7 - Shiny Liberator

In the words of Zen...


Or, in the words of the old ad, "the man from Del Monte - he say yes!!!"

In other words, that potential new job picking up where my current one leaves off is definitely happening. We've sort of known it anyway for about a week, but today, m'colleague and I (there are just the two of us moving on from the current project to the new one) had a meeting with our soon-to-be-new-boss. So, tomorrow, we wind up the current job and on Monday we start a new one.


Still planning on popping up to Midlands Comic Con on Saturday to geek out with badfalcon and whiskyinmind, before a hopefully restful day on Sunday.

The temptation to blow my paycheque on lots of Big Finish audios is...very strong. Must resist. At the moment, it's quite nice to be able to listen to loads of the ones I've bought but not got round to listening to before. The 30+ minutes drive each way to the office is quite useful in that regard. I've just started on the Charlotte Pollard series 1 boxed set. Although for the drive to Telford I might have some music instead...
Doctor Who - 1970s logo 2

Another convention...

And one that sounds really really tempting (unlike that Sherlock one I mentioned yesterday) - the Bedford Who Charity Convention. Ticket prices are £40, and for that you get a quite stellar guest list - no Doctors, sadly, but companions Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred (♥), the fabulously wonderful Anneke Wills, and John Leeson (yes, K9 was a companion), as well as Terry Molloy (Davros), Mike Tucker (special effects bod; also, coincidentally, the name of Molloy's character in The Archers), writer Paul Cornell, and Ailsa Berk (choreographer/monster movement person).

Sadly, there's a strong possibility that I won't be able to make it - it's the weekend after this year's Eastercon, and although nothing's set in stone I think Sarah and I are going to want a bit of a break, and are toying with a week down in Swanage to unwind, relax, and recharge our batteries. Mind you, there's nothing to stop us (or even just me) coming home a day or two early and going to Bedford that Saturday. Still, putting the word out there in case any of my other Doctor Who fan friends might want to go to what sounds like it could be a good convention.

Also - quick plug for Dysprosium, the aforementioned EasterCon. Guests include the rather wonderful Professor Elemental, and I've just noticed that Tanith Lee is going to be a special guest (which may interest you, ghyste?).

I leave you with a bit of Professor Elemental:

Mini me

Gratuitous music post

Woke up with this on my mind the other day:

And then some folks at work on another desk seem to have a radio (possibly on t'interwebz) that plays nothing but '80s stuff. This was one of the songs that was played yesterday:

So, seeing as I happened to have Suzanne's second album in the car, I naturally listened to that song on the way home. Very very loud. Twice.