February 19th, 2015

Distracted by Sparkly


Well, puppies, actually.

I'm now, apparently, the proud owner of three puppies.

Sadly, not puppies I can physically be with (at least not right now - who knows what the future holds?), but apparently a few weeks back Sarah was somewhere in London and the guide dogs association were there offering opportunities to adopt-a-puppy - y'know, they send you photos and progress reports and stuff like that - so Sarah decided to adopt three in my name. Their names are Ivy, Isaac, and...I think the third one was Huxley. Cute little dears, if the photos are anything to go by. Although I'll admit I'm always a bit cynical about these sorts of "adopt-an-animal" thing, 'cos I expect loads of people are adopting exactly the same puppy (or other animal) and get exactly the same photos and reports.

Still, it's a sweet idea. As Sarah says - it means I can have a pet (or indeed three) without her having to look after it. Because she has her hands full enough looking after me.