March 5th, 2015

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Depression hit me for six this evening. I'd been down to the sorting office after work to pick up a package (Dark Eyes 3), popped down to Tesco to pick some groceries up, and WHAM.

I seem to have major depressive episodes start up (or at best loom oppressively) quite often when I'm shopping in Tesco. I doubt there's any causal relationship, but...apart from anything else, it's kind of embarrassing when you're queueing up to pay and you feel a deep desire to burst into tears for no reason.

Horrid. Hate it. Wish it would go away.

Forced myself to do a very tiny bit of work tonight - some washing up (not a massive amount, as Sarah had had a bath and thusly used up all the hot water, but enough that I felt Vaguely Accomplished) and I put some clothes on to tumble that I'd washed last night.

Today's Big Finish listen wrapped up The Chimes of Midnight. I'd say I'd forgotten how excellent it was, but no. You never forget how excellent something like that is. Robert Shearman at his very best.

I now have Destroy the Infinite and The Seeds of War to listen to, to prep myself on the Eminence, before embarking on Dark Eyes 3 (and once I've listened to that, the goal is to order DE4).

On the bright side, the journey to and from work has been shortened considerably by the completion of some of the roadworks just off junction 10 of the M1. On the negative side, this means my Big Finish listening time is limited to about 45 minutes a day. might be a while before I finish the latest clutch...

This evening, I decided to watch something fun and lighthearted on Netflix. I ended up putting on an episode of Person of Interest, a series I started watching ages ago and never got round to finishing. The part of me that actually scrolls through everything on Netflix and decides to watch that when I was after "fun and lighthearted" is obviously wrong. But on the other hand, it was a distracting enough, entertaining watch.

Bed now. Work in the morning, and then quite a busy weekend planned...