March 8th, 2015

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This weekend...

...hasn't been quite as planned,'s been good.

I had been planning to go to this, but decided I wasn't up to it, so spent the day at home, where I did two things: firstly, I caught up with Cucumber - watched episodes 3 - 7 almost back to back, whilst also importing them into the computer and converting them to divx. That felt good. Even though there's a bit too much sweary for my liking. I have to confess that right from the start, the only way I could..."make sense" of the programme (if that doesn't sound too pretentious) was to believe that it shares the same fictional universe as Queer as Folk. So I may have done rather a lot of fanboy squeeing when Denise Black turned a character called Hazel.

Around that, I did some pottering - during the advert breaks and whilst I was waiting for iMovie to finish processing the latest episode, I'd sometimes just get up, do a bit of my "one thing at a time" tidying (which is, literally, what it says - pick item up; work out where item belongs; put item where it belongs; repeat as necessary or until I decide to sit back down again). As a result of which, during the course of the day, I got much of the area around my living space (the chair in the lounge where I like to sit tapping away at the computer and watching TV) looking tidier than it has for a while, as well as doing some work in my bedroom and the kitchen. And getting some clothes washed and dried. And doing some washing up. And some reading - I finally finished Marcus Brigstocke's God Collar, which has been my "current book" since I started my job in Luton (I never find as much time to read when I'm doing a nine-to-five job...) As the increasingly poor state of the house has been a thing which, I think, has been fuelling my depression recently, being able to do so much on it in one day, even if it was in fits and starts rather than in one sustained go, has helped considerably.

Sarah was out for the day. Her mum, Rita, on a family trip (with our nephew and niece Rachel and Michael, and with their mum - Sarah's sister - CLaire) to EuroDisney, had a bad fall and broke her arm as well as sustaining some nasty bruising to her face. She's being taken good care of by the health professionals, but has been pretty much housebound staying at Claire's place in Watford, it being not easy to look after yourself with the use of only one arm. But Sarah went down, they visited Watford for a bit, and then they went over to Rita's place in Chorleywood. They also went for a meal at The Peppermill. Basically, they seem to have had a really pleasant day. Rita is slowly recovering from her accident, thankfully.

Speaking of mothers, I did a bit of liaising with my mum 'cos of the whole "next Sunday being Mothering Sunday" thing. We've arranged that we'll go down to Chelmsford to meet with her and Malcolm (my stepdad) on Saturday for some sort of family meal together. So that'll be nice.

Today I did a bit more tidying and washing of clothes, breakfasted and then headed out to the morning service at Hemel Hempstead Methodist Church (to which Sarah, sadly, couldn't make it as she had a headache and some tummy pains), followed by lunch (cheese on toast - nom nom nom) and then the LGBT Fellowship group at Berry Lane Methodist Church, for which I was providing cakes and which is always a lovely group of people to meet up with, as well as being an interesting talk on how the Bible is - sadly, tragically - used to justify anti-Semitism, and how we, as LGBT People of faith, can relate to that as the Bible has been used by many to just an anti-LGBT stance.

Now back home, and...well, I'll probably manage to do some more bits and bobs of tidying before having my evening meal. Might watch a bit of Stargate SG-1 tonight, too. Or possibly some more Person of Interest...
Stargate SG1 - cast & logo


...with the strict caveat that I normally don't give a monkey's about Ye Olde Eurovision Song Contest, and I wouldn't have listened to this had it not been for someone on Ye Olde World Wide InterWebz suggesting that it sounds like Ye Olde Bird's Eye Potato Waffles advert (nope, not really seeing that one myself...), I'm not going to lie, I actually quite like this year's UK entry.

Of course, I realise that the result isn't really about the songs and more about the politics, but...well, I'd vote for this. It seems to capture the same sort of vibe as Bucks Fizz's Making Your Mind Up did, and has a kind of feel good 1920s thing to it - a bit of Jeeves and Wooster theme tune mashed up with primitive synth pop. Nice.