March 12th, 2015

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Got back from the funeral... about 6:00pm. Went to bed for a bit. Woke up at about 10:00pm feeling a.) hungry, b.) headachey, and c.) annoyed that the Sky+ seems to have glitched and therefore Cucumber, Banana, and Fortitude haven't recorded. Rabbits.
Mini me

Back in 1987...

I watched the Doctor Who serial Delta and the Bannermen, a delightfully silly story set in a 1950s holiday camp in Wales with a soundtrack of rock and roll classics. As a result of which, I first heard, and fell in love with, Guy Mitchell's number one hit Singing the Blues (also a number one for Tommy Steele, both immediately after and immediately before Mitchell's version. The charts in the 1950s were a bit weird like that).

Shortly thereafter, I discovered that my grandmother was also rather a fan of the song (we're not sure, but it may have been her favourite song - it was certainly one she loved a lot).

So, when Sarah and I got married, I decided it would be a nice song to have in the DJ's playlist. With the evening wearing on (the speeches had taken Quite A While), I heard that grandma and grandpa had to leave soon, so I hurried over to the DJ and asked him to play it. I then headed over to grandma and said, "this is for you." "Oh thank you, that's lovely!" she said.

Joyce Esther Pegram. 21st November 1926 - 17th February 2015. RIP.

This one's for you.